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While the Recreational League is mostly Eanes ISD eligible students, WYBA is able to accommodate non-Eanes students.
The Prep League has a limited number of players so all players must be Eanes ISD eligible students and participate in tryouts unless granted a waiver by the league.

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Covid-19 and Inclement Weather Policy: WYBA follows the EISD policy regarding Covid-19 and inclement weather. If the schools deny gym rentals or schools are dismissed due to the inclement weather, all WYBA events are also cancelled. If you are concerned that events may be canceled you should check your email, Eanes website: www.eanesisd.net
& our website: www.wlyba.org 



Welcome to Westlake Youth Basketball Association. WYBA exists so EANES ISD eligible students will have an opportunity to participate in a great sport with their fellow students. As we begin each season, we want to remind you of the mission of the organization, which is to provide an environment where our sons and daughters can (1) have fun; (2) learn the basic skills and rules of basketball and (3) spend time with and make new friends.

The WYBA is composed of volunteers dedicated to this mission. Whether or not you choose to be a volunteer, we ask for your support of our mission and volunteers. To better protect our kids and volunteers, the Board enforces a zero tolerance policy for unsportsmanlike conduct and inappropriate behavior of volunteers, players, parents, and fans.

The Board’s goal is to provide a positive environment for the kids to learn and compete. While you can make requests for specific coaches or teammates, the league is unable to honor the majority of the requests. Team placement offers an opportunity to make new friends as well as the opportunity to play with and against current friends. For grades 3 and above, an attempt is made to have competitive teams thus impacting team placement. placement. Team assignments will be determined by a player draft conducted by the grade coordinator and coaches.






Paul Lamb, Executive Director

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